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Brenda and Dave, where do we begin?

Jim and I cannot say thank you enough for all you have done for us… especially. I know at times it must have been frustrating for you as much as for Jim on the all things that had to get done in time for us to close but you guys pulled it off.

I know in my heart that God has put us together to make this all come true for Jim and me. It has been a very long 4 years for me with the passing of my Dad, Mom and most recently a year ago my 52 year old brother Keith. Keith has to be looking down at me right now giving me the “big high 5” because as adults we always talked about how much we all wanted to live on the water and now my “dream” or I should say “our dream” (Jim and I) came true. I know we have asked you both to do so much for us before and even now and we sincerely appreciate it, from the bottom of our hearts.

Jim and I know that we have found true friends and a great circle of extended friends through our relationship with you and we look forward to meeting so many more folks and for us to settle there in the future and start the new chapter in our lives, one that we all know will be mutually beneficial and rewarding. Every time I think about where we were 6 months ago and where we are now, it’s all because of your hard work and dedication to Jim and I that it all worked out for everyone…..especially me and Jim :-)

Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Barb & Jim
Dallas, TX


Brenda and Dave:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did for us while we were there. You made a business trip one of the most fun vacations we ever had. Nobody here at work could believe you pulled off not only getting the deal done in one week, but getting the house inspected, appraised, and got quotes for the work that needs to be done before we even left. And all of that as an aside to making sure we had a blast.

– Deb and Marcus, Conneticut


Hi Dave and Brenda:

Shelley are now back in our groove in Nova Scotia with all the things we do up here.

We would like to thank you most adamantly for your valued help with finding and obtaining our new Florida home. You are wonderful folks and treasured friends and we look forward to being neighbors and spending some time with you when we are lucky enough to be in the Cape.

Our plans are now to be there before mid June for a week and a half or so and will let you know when we will be there for sure.

Thank you as well for setting us up with Pat getting a few things straightened out with the house which he is finishing up for us this week.

It was and continues to be a wonderful experience for us knowing you both and we thank you again ever so much.

– Bob and Shelley Rosborough, Nova Scotia Canada
Rosborough Boats/ Rough Water
A Company Built on Customer Referrals”


Dave and Brenda,

I have never met a more professional pair of realtors in 27 years of practice. There are so many losers in your profession, it reinstalls my faith that true pro-fessionals are still out there. In addition, your kindness to me shan’t be lost in the mists of time. It must be that old Minnesota upbringing that produces an attitude of repect, care and profesionalism.

– Michael, Real Estate Attorney, Manitoba


It was great to know the whole process of finding and buying a property was going to be no problem with SageRealtor Group as my right hand. It was the icing on the cake when I discovered that the property seller paid their commission.. all that service and expertise, and it was going to cost me nothing!

We were made to feel most welcome, they are genuinely lovely people… nothing was a problem… and their hospitality was more like we were old friends rather than new. [Read more of Jim’s comments]

– Jim M., Ireland


Dear Dave and Brenda,

Again, thank you so much for your patience and perseverance in making sure that we’d found our dream home. You never compromised and tried making a quick sale and a commission – instead you took your time, showed us-I don’t know how many homes!, spent a great deal of your valuable time with us, but in the end, you made sure that we were both happy. We respect your professionalism for it! Susie and I are confident and at peace knowing that we found a place where we will be very happy and proud of our wonderful, elegant new home – and, most importantly, we know in our hearts that going forward it is a great investment. We are lucky to have met you and Brenda. I remember emailing your website, inquiring about the boating and the lifestyle in the canals, and you and Brenda, very gracefully, quickly replied to my inquiry. You both provided us with a wealth of information.

Well, here we are today, 6 months later, almost there and everyday anticipating and eagerly awaiting our move to the Caloosa Yacht Club. In our minds, we keep dreaming, decorating, and discussing the house. It’s a lot of fun! Oh Yeah, we already bought designer furniture for the house.

Again, Dave and Brenda, thank you so much for everything. You guys have been phenomenal and good friends indeed. As they say in my culture, once I take possession of this Caloosa house, MI CASA ES TU CASA!

Best regards to both of you and see you in a week.

– Oscar and Susie. New York, New York


What can we tell you about our experience with Dave and Brenda, that is the question!

Well, when we first became involved with both of them it was purely a “fishing” exercise for information about real estate in Fort Myers. What we received was not just particulars of properties but also their insight and local knowledge of both Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. This information enabled us to focus more easily on what and where we would like to visit. Which subsequently, through Dave and Brenda, resulted in a house purchase in Cape Coral.

Both Dave and Brenda are professional, enthusiastic and energetic in their approach towards fulfilling the needs of their Clients. They are constantly “on call” and supportive of you. Once their role as your Realtor is over, because you have found and fulfilled that “real estate dream”, they are still there extending their hand to help and guide, should you require “after sales” support.

Oh, by the way we should mention that one of us is a Licensed Realtor in New Jersey and therefore able to recognize that Dave and Brenda are not just “professionals”, in the true sense of the word, but also a credit to the real estate industry.

– Pauline and Tony, New Jersey


“Yolanda – I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into this for us. Everything went smoothly, you were very accommodating and helpful with anything we needed. I know that since the condo price was small you didn’t make a lot of money off this deal, however we never felt like you were not working at your best effort.

We really did enjoy working with you and your husband Mark. Thanks and if we have any other real estate needs in that area or any friends that decide to look, we will give them your name.”



SageRealtor Group never pressured us to buy and they did not try to “upsell” us on price. They listened to our objectives, our timeframe, and our budget… and they were very candid about the strengths and weaknesses of each property. We’re in our dream home because of their diligence.

– Larry and Kathy, Florida


Closing a deal… starting a friendship. For Americans, you’re not half bad! Thanks for all your hard work, from your Canadian-Floridians…. looking forward to seeing you on our next trip!

– Barrie and Hillary, Edmonton


We are so excited and thinking about spending all summer in our “new home”. The tenant situation should work out perfectly.

Thank you both again.

I have never had so much fun looking at and buying a house! We are thrilled.

– Sandy and Bill, Valparaiso, Indiana


“They did proactive work to prepare for the visit. The process, the contracts, what to expect at each step, and how best to protect our interests. There are no government hurdles to jump through and no special requirements… it was so much easier than we thought it would be.

– Phillip M., England

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