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A Testimonial for Cape Coral

Recently, I asked one of our clients that purchased a Cape Coral waterfront home what they thought about living in Cape Coral – (prior to coming here to shop for homes, they had never heard of Cape Coral). Here’s their answer!


In Feb of 2008, my wife Deb and I were in West Palm Beach visiting friends. It was about 90° while it was 0° back home in Connecticut, and a severe snowstorm caused the Governor to “close” the entire state. Deb said “In whose mind is this right?” and declared we would be moving to Florida!! Our friends said we should pick the East coast because it is the “happening” side of the state, all the west coast had to offer was white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets and the Red Sox… Deb and I both raised our hands and said “That’s us!!”.FurnishedVacationHome-1

Deb picked Cape Coral because of it’s proximity to the Boston Red Sox’ Spring Training camp. Once she decided that’s where we were focusing, she searched on the internet for local real estate agents and found Brenda (she liked Sage Real Estate’s website the best, as it contained answers to all the questions we wanted to ask). In ONE WEEK, Brenda showed us about 50 waterfront houses and the very last one we looked at was the one we picked (it was the first one Brenda wanted us to look at). Brenda then got our bid and counter-bid in and accepted, got the house appraised and inspected, and got all the paperwork in motion before we left to return to CT. Through all of this hectic activity, the thing we did most was laugh. Brenda is no longer our real estate agent, but one of our dearest friends… oh, and her hubby Dave too!!!

Our neighbors down here are simply THE best….we were welcomed immediately with open arms and much friendship. There was none of that nervous feeling of being new to the neighborhood. We see other houses on the market and say “hmmm…that’s nice”, but then drive through our neighborhood and see our neighbors and we smile that we are living where we are. I would not trade this for any place!! We’re still living in CT, but are in contact with at least three or four of our Cape Coral neighbors daily (including Brenda), and cannot wait for the day when we move to the Cape full time.

As far as shopping, there are plenty of Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and grocery shopping in the area, in addition to tons of brand name outlets.

We’re still investigating places to eat, learning of new places all the time. There are a lot of restaurants in the area.

Cape Coral is close to Fort Myer’s Beach, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, it’s right on the Gulf of Mexico for boating and of course, close to the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox Spring Training camps!!

To sum it up in one word, Cape Coral is “Paradise.”


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  1. Cape Coral is such a wonderful city to live in — located central to everything Southwest Florida has to offer, and with an incredible tropical lifestyle! So many great deals for people looking to purchase real estate right now, too!

    December 15, 2009

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