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Austin TX “Hearts” Cape Coral FL Real Estate

Cape Coral and the Recovery of Dreams

Nationally syndicated writer Scott Burns writes in the Austin Statesman about his newly found love – Cape Coral Florida’s real estate opportunity in his article “Cape Coral and the Recovery of Dreams.”

Today, after an improbable development, Cape Coral is every person’s dream of Florida, retirement and the good life — sunshine, water, fishing, 400 miles of canals and more sunshine. Not to mention golf.

And much of it is at a price people who actually work for a living can afford. …with the notable exception of cities like Detroit, you could sell your home almost anywhere in the country, move to Cape Coral and pocket some money.

His article also highlights the popularity of Cape Coral for international real estate buyers:

According to the Lee County Visitors Bureau, nearly half a million international visitors came to the area in 2010, with more expected when the count is done for 2011. Many come from such places as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They come to vacation — and they come to buy with ready cash.

… more than 80 percent of foreign investors paid cash for their Cape Coral property. It isn’t difficult to understand. If you’ve ever been to Hamburg or Berlin during the winter, you know why the grass is so much greener in Florida that they will come here and pay cash.

We agree with just about everything in Mr. Burns’ article but we take a bit of an exception to the “sacrifices” he notes. We respond:

  • Upscale shopping is just a 15 minute drive – a small price to pay for owning a home in waterfront paradise.
  • Not enough Mercedes? Hmmm. We judge “season” not by the change in weather, but by the number of Benz’, Ferrarris, and Porches we see at any given stoplight on any given day (and a few gleaming Rolls here and there too).
  • No anchovy sandwiches? We’re not 100% sure that’s true (and not terribly interested in fact-checking that one), but that’s okay, we can live with that.

This is just one of many articles recent extolling the recovery of Cape Coral’s real estate market and the Southwest Florida market and lifestyle. See related news: TripAdvisor, Frommers,  Yahoo Real Estate, Bankrate, and CNN Money (to name just a few).

Want to learn more about Cape Coral real estate? Visit these links for in-depth information:

And check out these waterfront resort communities with condos and single family homes for sale in the Southwest Cape Coral area.

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