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Cape Coral Tops List for International Home Buyers

NEW YORK –  International buyers are taking advantage of real estate bargains in the United States. Last year, international buyers reportedly spent $41 billion on purchasing homes in the U.S.

So which cities do they most have their eye on?

Ten out of the 24 most popular American cities for international buyers are in Florida, according to Trulia. Last year, Europeans, Canadians and Brazilians reportedly spent about $13 billion on homes in Florida alone.

Here are the most popular Florida cities for international buyers, according to Trulia, in order of demand:

1. Cape Coral, Fla.
2. Miami
3. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
4. Naples, Fla.
5. Fort Myers, Fla.
6. Miami Beach, Fla.
7. Kissimmee, Fla.
8. Orlando, Fla.
9. Jacksonville, Fla.
10. Tampa, Fla.

From 2011 Florida Realtors®

To explore Cape Coral Homes for sale, click here for current MLS Listings.

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