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Southwest Florida Real Estate News – September 2009

While our newsletter took the summer off, we stayed plenty busy with summer property buyers, yard work, boat maintenance (West Marine staffers get all giddy when we walk in the door) and all the usual summer festivities.

In this month’s newsletter:

  • We answer the Frequently Asked Question: “What options do we have for leasing out the property while we are not there? We want to take advantage of today’s low prices, but we are not planning to retire for some time and will be only able to be in Southwest Florida a few weeks of the year.”
  • We spotlight the amenity-rich and beautiful Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers… and more.
  • And we address another FAQ: “Is the Market Stabilizing?”

View the September Newsletter Now.

Have a question, a comment, or some feedback? Wondering if some of the buzz you are hearing is fact or fiction? Call or write and will give you our candid feet-on-the-street perspective.

Dave & Brenda and the SageRealtor Team

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