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Wondering About Chinese Drywall?

About Chinese Drywall

Dyrwall imported from China when Florida was having building material shortages (the years 2004 to 2007 for the most part) may be defective and may pose health risks or cause property damage. The defective drywall reportedly emits levels of sulfur, methane, or other organic compounds that cause corrosion of copper wiring, electrical wiring, computer wiring or other household items as well as emit noxious odors.

In the Southwest Florida area (Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita, and surrounding communities), it appears the imported drywall was used primarily in large, planned developments where builders bought the drywall in bulk during the boom building years. And in such developments, not necessarily all of the homes have the defective drywall (and perhaps only a few do), so it’s important to consider the issue on a case-by-case basis. There are some instances of single family homes outside of planned developments that have signs of the defective drywall.




If you suspect Chinese Drywall may be in your home, contact a local inspector to get a professional and safe inspection. For those shopping for a home, the chinese drywall inspection should be part of the professional inspection you hire to review all aspects of the home prior to closing (inspecting for Chinese drywall should not be an added fee but rather just part of the inspection process and report).




For a list of local inspectors that our clients have hired and been happy with, email us and we’ll get you their contact information.

Photos courtesy of Comprehensive Building Consultants.

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