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SouthWest Florida Living – Part A

SageRealtor Group welcomes Shane Ball and Sandra Avant as contributors to our SouthWest Florida Blog. Shane and Sandra recently relocated from Bakersville, California to Cape Coral, Florida. Shane will be joining SageRealtor Group as a sales agent this month. Sandra works in Public Relations.

Now living their dream, they share their experiences exploring SouthWest Florida and becoming immersed in the Florida lifestyle in this “SouthWest Florida Living” series of posts.

footprints-in-sand.jpgNot a beach lover? No problem. You don’t have to like sand between your toes or water splashing against your feet. Walk in your shoes, jog along the shore or even ride your bike on Fort Myers Beach. Take your pick – sunrise or sunset. I guarantee you’ll keep going back for more.

Still feel safer on dryer land or maybe you just can’t swim. Then just hang out in Fort Myers, Cape Coral or some of the other surrounding cities like Punta Gorda. The area is filled with beautifully landscaped homes, friendly neighbors and merchants and interesting sites such as the homes of Edison and Ford. Oh, and if you love to shop like me, it will take you months to visit all the conveniently located malls. That’s a good thing.

Shopping and site seeking are bound to make you hungry. So don’t forget to eat out a lot. Southwest Florida has some of the best restaurants that offer a variety of mouth-watering foods. Just name the cuisine that stimulates your palate. I love all kinds of food, but two of my favorites are hot wings and down-home cooked vegetables like turnip greens. Within weeks, I had located one of the best hot wings restaurant and of course “Cracker Barrel.” Chose a seafood restaurant, an Italian deli or eat pizzas that make you drool.

To go along with those delicious meals, you’ll find a load of hospitality and customer service the good old fashion way. It doesn’t matter whether the cooking originated from New York, Georgia or Germany. It’s all good. I may never cook another dinner.


Sandra Avant

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