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The Lonely Termite Service Tech

The other night while grabbing a snack and beverage at one of our favorite outdoor bars, we struck up a conversation with the gentleman sitting next to us, whose profession is that of a termite service technician.

His chief complaint and rationale for imbibing was that he’s bored. “Bored?” we asked. Affirmative. But, we wondered, every property that sells in SouthWest Florida has a termite inspection before purchase. Surely he must be very busy?

His problem is not getting inspection jobs, it’s that there he rarely finds any termites.

Which is true enough. Because most construction is now concrete block, and since nearly all property owners have routine termite treatments (perhaps overkill, but these days everyone is schooled in prevention-is-the-best-medicine), there just aren’t that many of ’em. The termite-fear-mongers are living in the good ole days of wood-frame structures.

So for someone in the profession of getting rid of termites, we can see how that would be quite tiresome. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the job satisfaction? Maybe, he wondered, it was time to back to San Diego, his home town, where termites were plentiful.

So do you need a termite inspection before purchase? It’s always a good idea. There are still wood doors and door frames, for example, and older homes might have legacy issues. Also, wood frame structures are still prevalent on Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach, so for anyone considering a purchase there (or any wood frame house), be sure to have a thorough professional inspection and be sure that you (or a representative) are present to monitor the inspection and see any issues first-hand.

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