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Cape Coral… Has… Arrived

starbucks.jpgWhat makes a city a city? Is it a population of 150,000? Having a large police force and lots of new public schools opening? A downtown area? A hospital or two? City beach? Parks? Golf courses? Water parks?

Nope. None of the above, according to many local java junkies.

What makes a city a real city is the arrival of Starbucks. Following article after article and letters to the editor in the local papers, the pining for a Cape Coral Starbucks is finally over. (Mind you, the Cape has plenty of locally-owned coffee shops that are fantastic. In fact, most of the Cape’s non-fast-food dining options are locally-owned).

The Cape’s very own Starbucks will be along the Pine Island Corridor, an area in the NorthWestern and NorthEastern sector that is booming in commercial development (other plans include Super Target, Chilis, Olive Garden… the usual suspects). 

Residents of Cape Coral are excited about the commercial boom, not only because of the additional shopping and entertainment options, but also as a boost to the tax base. In the Cape, residential owners provide 92 percent of the city’s tax base — an unusually high percentage. Most city’s have a tax base that is 75 residential and 25 percent commercial.

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