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On The Water – Rain or Shine

August is rainy season and boating excursions can be hit or miss (mostly hit). Afternoon storms lasting about an hour are common each day.redfishpass.JPG

Saturday we toured properties with a client from California visiting to buy a single family home and some 4-plex investment properties. After a steamy day property-hunting, the three of us (well four of us, counting Dutch, our Yorkie) headed out in our ’31 Tiara Express cruiser for the afternoon and a break from the road.

While idling out of the canal, we looked behind us to see the clouds forming and turning very dark. We knew a lightning storm was on its way, but decided it was safe to keep going and that we could get ahead of the storm. We headed up the ICW toward Sanibel/Captiva and managed to stay ahead of the storm cruising at a comfortable 18 knots. When we reached Redfish Pass (pictured here), we left the ICW and headed out onto the Gulf of Mexico and then a bit further north to North Captiva.

Anchoring off the beautiful beaches of North Captiva, we kept our eyes on the storm but meanwhile enjoyed a light snack and a refreshing swim. Our California friend was, to quote him directly, “like a Labrador that has just been asked to chase a ball,” lapping up the sunshine, salty air, and stunning contrast of the east and west horizons. Our friend had many other witticisms, keeping us both laughing and nostalgic for how fortunate we are to call SouthWest Florida our home.

At about 6:30, we pulled up anchor and started heading back, wanting to ensure we reached Tarpon Point before dark. As we re-entered our canal, there was a light misting rain and the dark part of the storm has passed. (We learned later than it had poured rain for an hour on land.)

A wonderful cruise, in spite of the summer rainstorm threat. Perfect timing all around by Cap’n Dave. Back at the house, we fired up the grill, jumped in the pool for a quick swim, invited some more friends over and enjoyed some great conversation and refreshments.

For more information about Sanibel-Captiva, visit the official tourism site.

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  1. Harry/Punta Gorda #

    Nice story! Cady and I do this regularly in Charlotte Harbor.

    August 25, 2006

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