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Miles of Canals in Cape Coral and Punta Gorda

ph_capecoralflorida.jpgOn our exploration trip scouting out the SouthWest Florida market (2003), we quickly learned that driving around Punta Gorda and Cape Coral without a good map is not a good idea. Because of all the canal systems, there are many dead ends and you can’t really tell where you’ve been or where you are going. And frustratingly, finding a good map is not easy (if you’d like a good map, just let us know and we’ll send ya one). At the same time, if you don’t know where the canals are, they are not easy to spot. Visitors from “up north” who drive the streets are stunned when we take them on a canal cruise, never realizing how many of the homes they pass on the road are waterfront homes with a canal in the backyard.

Click this link to send us a private email and we will email you a cape coral map or snail-mail you a real map (both of which show the different types of Cape Coral canal systems).

This Google map shows a small section of Cape Coral called the Yacht Club neighborhood. The map is good illustration of where the lakes and canals are. And notice the canal widths—some look like large channels and are 250′ wide, while others are smaller (the smallest being 80′ wide). yachtclub_lg.jpg

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  1. Richard Fries #

    Could you pls send us a map of the canal system of Cape Coral? Very interested! If you give me a private email address I’ll send you our address. Thanks!

    September 11, 2009
    • Hi Richard – I’ve sent you an email with some PDFs of maps and also my private email address so you can send me your mailing address. Map will be on the way! – Brenda

      September 12, 2009
  2. Richard Grobarcik #

    We also are considering moving to Cape Coral to a House on a salt water canal.I would like to get a map of the Canal Systems.Can you help us on this.Thank You Rich

    August 20, 2009
    • Hi Richard,
      I emailed you a map of the canal systems. I can also mail you a map – just need your mailing address. Thanks! – Brenda

      August 21, 2009
  3. Janis Heathcote #

    Planning a trip In March 2010 & staying in Cape Coral – any maps/information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    March 2, 2009
  4. Harold Figgs #

    My wife and I have been looking at properties in Cape Coral for nearly a year now and even have an agent who sends us listings daily.
    We plan a permanent move to Cape Coral sometime in the second half of 2009. I would love to get some kind of map that details the canal system and lakes in the entire Cape Coral area and showing what canals have gulf access and access into the Caloosahatchee River. If available, I would like a map that also shows the canal and lake names as well.

    Harold Figgs Jr.

    December 18, 2008
  5. Map and visitor’s kit sent via mail. Look forward to helping you find your dream canal home!

    December 9, 2008

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